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Chocolate males available out of Quinn and Hobbs born Oct 2/2018, please contact Paevalley Labradors
Black Male out of Sheri and Hobbs born Dec 24th
Chocolate Puppies out of Tess and Jordan born Dec 29th
 Orange Collar Black Boy
 Flames Collar Boy                                  Pastel Collar Girl                                         Lime Collar Girl                                         Cheetah Collar Girl
Eagertrieves Sweet Thang "Shelly" born Nov 4/2017 I am looking for a FOSTER home for her in the Edmonton and surrounding area. She will
still remain a part of my breeding program but I would love for her to have a family home environment. Please
email me for more details.
Eagertrieves Hunger Games "Peeta" born Jan 2018 available to a loving home! Please email me for more details.