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I have bred 87 show champions to date!
Ch.Eagertrieves Odyssey                       Ch.Eagertrieves Focus On Me              Ch.Eagertrieves Asbach                     Ch.Eagertrieves Island In The Sky                    Ch.Eagertrieves Slippery Obsessed
Ch.Eagertrieves Perfect Thyming             Ch.Eagertrieves Autumn Rain          Ch.Eagertrieves Stars On The Water        MBISS Ch.Eagertrieves Meant To Do That      Ch.Eagertrieves Summer Odyssey
Ch.Eagertrieves Paevalley Arshia               Ch.Eagertrieves Amaretto Shake              Ch.Eagertrieves Along Came Polly           Ch.Eagertrieves Shimmering Star           NZ/Can Ch.Eagertrieves  Downtown Brown
Ch.Eagertrieves Sargent Major          Ch.Eagertrieves Everwood Showdown           Ch.Eagertrieves Paevalley Lauriat                 Ch.Eagertrieves Precocious Porthos         Ch.Eagertrieves She's The One
Ch.Eagertrieves Leprechaun            Ch.Eagertrieves WR Cross My Heart           Ch.Eagertrieves Optimal Impact          Ch.Eagertrieves Nikkola                               BISS Ch.Eagertrieves Tasmanian Devil
Ch.Eagertrieves Captain Kona                  Ch.Eagertrieves Illegal Impact         Ch.Eagertrieves Secret Rendezvous               Ch.Eagertrieves Shadow At Everwood            Ch.Eagertrieves Terrarust Mikado
Ch.Eagertrieves Night Fever          Ch.Eagertrieves Onarock Rendezvous         Ch.Eagertrieves Calm B4 T'Storm                  Ch.Eagertrieves Island Java                   Ch.Eagertrieves Landnsea Kido Kobe
Ch.Eagertrieves Prelude To Lawman       Eagertrieves Sorrento Nikki              Ch.Eagertrieves Buffalo Destroyer         Ch.Eagertrieves Onarock Atticus                    Ch.Eagertrieves Paevalley Impact
Ch.Eagertrieves Just Imagine                 Ch.Eagertrieves Drifting Diva                 Ch.Eagertrieves All Fired Up                  Ch.Eagertrieves Fire 'n Ashes             Ch.Eagertrieves Everwood No Limit          
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