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Puppy Buyer "Do" List - things to do when looking for a good breeder!

1. DO - make sure to buy a puppy from a breeder that is a member of at least 1 breed club (LRCC)- Labrador Retriever Club of Canada or (LRCA)
Labrador Retriever Club of Alberta (or any local breed clubs for the provice/state of the breeder) these are just ones available for breeders in Alberta. These
clubs are in place and run by volunteers to make sure the quality out of breed does not deteriorate. Not just anyone can join, there are certain requirements to be
able to join and the new member must have 2 references from other club members. Breeders that are not members may be unable to join due to unreputable practices,
so please investigate!
For a list of other reputable breeders in Alberta:
LRCA Breeders
IF breeders are listing that they are certifited with Humane Society's or "Breeder Awards" from any association other than CKC or a Labrador Retriever Club,
please do NOT think that means it is a good breeder.  Breeders like this that are trying to prey on innocent people that are just looking for a good puppy from a good
breeder, really think that an award like this means something, but IT DOESN'T. Any kennel (like myself or any other good breeder) can go and get these awards if
they apply. I don't need the Humane Society telling me I am a good breeder, I know I am by my practices. I do this for the betterment of the breed. Always ask the
breeder what local BREED CLUBS they are members of, this will tell you if they are a reputable breeder or not, as I stated above, clubs have strict requirments of
who is allowed to join, and there are reasons some people are not members that are Alberta breeders........

2. DO - Make sure your breeder lists all registered names of their dogs, pedigrees and all clearances(hips, elbows, eyes, PRA and EIC)  if this info is not
readily available to the public, then that to me is a little is a common practice among "silver" breeders and I don't understand what hiding stuff is all
about. It has happened on more than a few occasions that these "silver breeders" request money to give out the pedigrees of their dogs, this is obsurd.

3. DO - buy a puppy from a breeder that ONLY produces the 3 recognized colors of BLACK YELLOW CHOCOLATE. Breeders that are producing silvers,
charcoal, champagne are breaking the rules of the breed clubs and putting false information on the CKC legal registrations(as these colors are not accepted for
registration, they put them as black, yellow or chocolate, and they are clearly NOT these colors) So what does this mean for the future of our labradors? Does this
sound like an honest breeder with any integrity? Would you support someone who falsifies legal documents? Wouldn't you consider this fraud? A legal offence?
They do this as these colors might sell well and the breeder will profit from it, when in fact, the very first silver was that of a breeder that also bred weimeraners, so
you tell me how the silver color was brought in?
Breeding purebred dogs should be taken seriously as the future of the breed is in the hands of breeders. Us breeders are responsible to preserve and better the
breed, and we need to do what is in the best interest of our breed, not what is best for our pocketbooks.

4. DO- know that reputable breeders DO NOT make any profits from their dogs. Breeders who rely from income from their kennels should not be confused
with eithcal breeders. The intent of any good breeder should be to produce puppies NOT for profit, but for the protection, betterment and advancement of the
breed.  Experienced breeders know that there is no money to be made when ethical proper breeding practices are followed. I have been breeding soley labradors
since 2001 and I have yet to turn a profit, and that is just fine as I do this because I love labradors!!  In order to make money breeding dogs, one would have to cut
corners, like not doing all health testing, not attaining any titles on their dogs(championships, obedience, working certificates, hunt tests etc), not making sure the
quality is there, so breeding very poor examples of the breed because they can't afford to let a dog out of their breeding program just because it is not pretty! I will
place anything that is not sound with health testing, conformation or temperment. Also to make a living breeding dogs would require a LOT of puppy sales and this
practice spells out the words p-u-p-p-y- m-i-l-l.
Any GOOD breeder would not have money left over after breeding a litter properly to donate to shelters and such(as nice as that would be)

5. DO- Visit the kennel and meet the breeder - if you feel you would like to go and meet a breeder in person and visit their facilties, that should be available to
you. I always love to meet potential puppy buyers as I feel I know them throughout the whole process then! A lot of my puppy buyers become my friends, so I do like
to get to know who is taking my beautiful babies into their home!  If a breeder does not allow you to visit the litter as it grows, it is not because they don't want you
to see the babies, it is for health reasons and the risk of viruses being brought to the unvaccinated litter. The worst time to visit a litter is between about 4 1/2
weeks up until a week or so after their first vaccination,(which should be given between 6 and 7 weeks). This is when puppies are most susceptible to becoming
infected with a virus if in contact with one.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to e-mail me labs@eagertrieve com
REAL LABRADORS ONLY COME IN 3 COLORS! Black, yellow and chocolate!!
All of the new "fad " colors (charcoal, silver, champagne)are just that, a fad no different than a labradoodle or cockapoo. Any breeder that
breeds "fad" dogs of any type are in it for the wrong reason, to make money off uneducated buyers, PLEASE BEWARE!!
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